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‘Tempest’ Rehearsals Reshape Shakespeare
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Shakespeare Tempest

And so, our journey  to create this production of the Shakespeare’s TEMPEST finally begins… 

Local audiences will get their first look at this reimagined “Tempest” on Tuesday at the first of four previews, presented at The Smith Center’s Symphony Park. (Following the official opening night on April 5, the production settles in for a three-week run, through April 27.)

It’s The Smith Center’s first world premiere, presented in conjunction with Harvard University’s Tony-winning American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Mass., where “The Tempest” will set sail following its Las Vegas debut inside a 500-seat, climate-controlled tent.

Inside that tent, with a little more than a week to go before the first preview, they’re painstakingly assembling the play — bit by bit, piece by piece. (“Only way to make a work of art,” to quote another great man of the theater, composer Stephen Sondheim. “Every moment makes a contribution, every little detail plays a part.”)

Or, as Teller explains it, “every little moment.”

You know Teller — the smaller, quieter half of Rio headliners Penn &Teller.

That’s his night job.


Making Shakespeare into an understandable reality is challenging enough.  For us, we are now in the phase where the show will not only be understandable, it will be transcendent. Read the original article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal Here.

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