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Teller’s Tempest is ‘Pure Brilliance’
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Chris Rose Magic Teller

It’s always a pleasure to work on projects that receive a great deal of praise.  We worked very hard on this show, and I’m excited to keep moving forward with it.  Check out what the Las Vegas Sun had to say about our premiere:

Teller read him while at school. Then for 30 years, he literally dreamed of telling the tale of “The Tempest.” Five years ago, the dream started taking shape, and two years ago our Smith Center for the Performing Arts agreed to partner with Harvard’s American Repertory Theater to present Teller’s vision.

“Pure brilliance,” “genius” and “fantastic” were just a few of the words of praise at its world premiere Saturday night in a 500-seat touring tent in Symphony Park downtown. I completely agree. I loved it, even though I loathed Shakespeare when I was chained to a desk to study him as a teenager in grammar school.

You can read the original article from Las Vegas Sun Here.

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