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Hollywood Underdog Talks About Our Show
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Another blog with insightful comments about Teller’s conceptualization of THE TEMPEST has popped up online. Hollywood Underdog talks about the show and our partnership with the Smith Center to bring this to life.

The Tempest brought to life in this way has been a fantasy of Teller’s for thirty years. What a lovely gift this magician has given to our magical city….to bring his dream to life for the first time and to do so inside a tent at The Smith Center’s Symphony Park in downtown Las Vegas. Leave it to Teller to stage the show in this way, with magic, illusions and music so that it may be experienced as it never has before. The mission of The Smith Center, is “to build and establish a high quality performing arts center ….by supporting artistic excellence, education and inspiration for all.” So this is a dream realized by The Smith Center in that this type of production not only takes place, but originates here. The Smith Center has done so much for Las Vegas, by creating options that never existed before and helping to spread awareness that Las Vegas, a town of musicians, actors, dancers, artists, visionaries and more is a city brimming with culture.

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