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Las Vegas Review-Journal Mentions Tempest Premiere
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Las Vegas

The entire article makes me much more excited about the project.  One of my favorite excerpts is below:

Adding to the audacious theatrical mix: songs by the gravel-voiced Waits, who “has a whole other kind of mystique,” Beard comments. (Waits also has a Las Vegas connection: an Academy Award nomination for scoring director Francis Ford Coppola’s 1982 “One for the Heart,” set in a magical, make-believe Las Vegas.)

Existing tunes from Waits’ bluesy, world-weary repertoire will be featured in this “Tempest,” according to Teller. “There may be some new stuff, but we can’t count on that.”

Either way, “we’re not cutting and pasting the music,” he adds, explaining that “the songs fit” the play’s action.

Overall, this “Tempest” will be one “that Shakespeare-philes will appreciate — but you don’t have to be a Shakespeare expert to enjoy this production,” Martin comments. “This is a production for all ages.”

Or, as Teller tells it, “I think this is going to be the most entertaining ‘Tempest’ that’s ever been — including Shakespeare’s.”


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