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Anatomy and a Paintbrush
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The Struggle of Changing Directions

The people who know me best know that I am a workaholic.  The anatomy of my private time is spent reading, writing, working, or practicing.  However, I find myself with the need to take a break from any one subject over which I have been obsessing.  Usually, that subject is magic.  And recently, I have been delving so deeply into a performance project that I needed a break from performing completely.  So, I turn to painting in these times of need.  Specifically large acrylic paintings. 

The Work Itself

Most of my paintings are abstract in nature, but this time around I wanted to try something different.  I wanted to pick a simple subject, and do something complex with it.  I began with an acrylic medium transfer of the image of a large skull (3’x4′). Then I began to recreate the lights and shadows with acrylic paint and pencil.  But, instead of using the standard tones that might be associated with the image of a skull on parchment, I decided to use as many colors as I could. Overall, I am pleased with the results.  The untitled work currently hangs in my living room above the television.

The Results

This is the finished work




Untitled Anatomy Painting

Untitled Anatomy Painting



Christopher Rose

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  1. Miche Braden says:

    Hi my sweet magic man. Just saying Hi! I’m going to Ventura CA this Sunday to preview my show The Devil’s Music. We’re doing our West Coast Debut at Rubicon in February 2017. Love ya much.
    Ms. Miche

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