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The Boston Arts Diary Discusses Tempest
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Boston Arts Diary

As the show keeps progressing along, we are getting more and more press. In this case, they forgot to mention my career as a mind reader but nonetheless it’s exciting to see my name in yet-another publication. This time, we were mentioned in the Boston Arts Diary. 

This is an independent blog regarding artistic events found throughout Boston, MA.  Specifically, the American Repertory Theater. A.R.T. being one of the two major partners that financed the production of TEMPEST. We had a great run out in Vegas, and we are all happy to be taking the show to the east coast to try everything out on a new, east coast audience.  Since our previews are all done, it looks like the earliest reviews are in. 

Here is a small clip form the Boston Arts Diary: 

This is another great turn for the ART, capturing in one fell swoop the magic of the Shakespearean original, of directors Aaron Posner’s and Teller’s tantaliziing illusions, and of choreographers Matt Kent’s and Pilobolus’ poetic gymnastics. It is a unique amalgamation, captivating in its theatrical alchemy, and a cleverly engaging homage to Shakespeare’s own capacity to charm words into wonders.

You can read the full review HERE

To read the rest use the link above.  And, of course, if you have any comments or questions about what is being said or the future of the show, then please feel free to comment below.  And, as usual, please be sure to share the news with your friends and family on Social Media networks as well as your personal websites. 

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